• We Help Your Team Stay Together Longer.

    And save businesses thousands of pounds.

  • People leaving your team can cost more than 33% of their salary.

    Using Your FLOCK decreases the likelihood of people leaving your team by an average of 27%.
    (*compared to industry standards used over the 6 months.)

    Saved £20,000*

    Marketing Agencies

    Save £100,000*

    Professional Services

    Saved £150,000*

    Recruitment Agencies

    Saved £140,000*

    Education Organisations

  • Do YOU have a highly performing team?

    Find out with our scorecard designed to spotlight your strengths and to highlight areas of team improvement.
    • It takes just 4 minutes
    • It’s completely free
    • Receive customised results instantly
  • Did you know?

    46% of UK workers say their companies' training opportunities make them more inclined to stay in their current job.

    Did you know?

    87% of Millennials say that accessing professional development opportunities is crucial when deciding to stay in their role.

    Did you know?

    38% of employees are currently looking to change roles within the next 12 months.

    Did you know?


    32% of UK workers have at least two other job opportunities to consider.

  • Buy Now. 

    For the entire 6 months at £199 per person.

  • What You Get For The 6 Month Programme

    12 learning and development activities per person to help improve your team togetherness.
    12 feedback reports for you based on the values of the individuals in your team.
    6 monthly reports on individual employee engagement levels.
    2 benchmark overall team engagement reports.
    1 kickass and proven programme*. 

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  • *Our 6 Month Guarantee.

    *If after going the team togetherness programme you haven't saved more money than Your FLOCK costs you.
    You get your money back.
    No questions asked.
    No need to worry.

  • Things You Don't Need.

    As the programme is entirely plug and play.

    No need for integrations

    No need monthly membership.

    No need for extra training



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  • Worth thinking about for 2022.

    "As the findings of The Achievers Workforce Institute’s February 2021 survey are sobering. 52 percent of fully-employed employees 

    said they intend to look for a new job this year, up from 35% in 2020."



    Togetherness Programme

    New From YourFLOCK.

    The Your FLOCK Report

    Our 2021 End Of Year Report.

    Showcasing the data from over 1000 users.

    In 7 different sectors.

    More than 300 teams.

    And almost 100 companies.

  • What you get in the 6 month 


    Everyone benefits from YourFLOCK.

    If You are a team member...

    Then you get a new way for you to discover how you can be happier at work.


    With 12 feedback opportunities based on your values for your team leader.


    And 12 learning and development activities to help your career progression.


    All done at your own pace. Whether you are working from home or working remotely.


    With no need to talk to your team leader directly.

    If You are a team leader.

    Then you get 12 feedback reports for you based on the values of the individuals in your team.


    6 monthly reports on individual employee engagement levels and an overall team engagement report.


    And 12 learning and development activities for yourself to improve too.


    With all the reports coming to you directly and so no need to discuss things with your team UNTIL you have the answers.


    Replacing longer 1-2-1's and face to face calls with difficult "stay interview" style questions.


    If You are the company owner.

    Then you get an overall score on your company’s happiness and engagement.


    A easy to use company console page to track your teams.


    And a monthly report on your teams and team leaders so you can support them more.

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